Savoring Cebu goes Germany 玩味宿霧島 德國參展


[English] "Hotel Trotter - The Island Traveler of Savoring Cebu" going to Germany for Frankfurt Book Fair and selling its publishing right in Europe Region.

[Mandarin] “旅店浪人-島遊家 玩味宿霧島” 前往德國參加法蘭克福國際書展 並販售歐洲地區的發行權

[German] "Hotel-Huf - der Insel-Reisende von Savoring Cebu" Gehen nach Deutschland für Frankfurt Buchmesse und Verkauf seines Verlags- Rechtes in der Europa-Region.


Hotel Trotter & The Island Traveler
Savoring Cebu

By 唐 Don Schumann

Introduction (translated by 唐 Don Schumann)

Highly praised by the world renown "Condé Nast Traveler" magazine among other top popular tropical island destinations, Cebu Island in Philippines, never fails to keep attracting international vacationing goers. Including around the globe frequent flyer "Hotel Trotter" Don. He actually falls in love with it at the first sight.

Don not only uses his cameras to capture these islands' characters and styles, also studies in depth of each single hotel's facility and the services. This book is honest and insightful. The author even flew to Cebu once more time to gather the latest accommodation information for readers, while raced to the eve of relentless deadline. Many sections in this book are first revealed in the Cebu travel book so far, such as, the historical Lapu-Lapu Shrine and the most "rich and famous" neighborhood of "Beverly Hills". Do not miss out all the goodies in this hotel travel book!

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