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Top 20 Selling DSLRs 売れたデジタル一眼カメラはコレだ

As usual, BCN released an yearly report of top 20 models in the Japanese market (to be accurate, between January 1st and December 23rd, 2009) on December 28th.

Ruins and Remains

UNESCO helps rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated struck by Volcán de Agua in Central America.

ニコン 宇宙記録撮影用機材として Nikon for Space

• NASA(米国 航空宇宙局) から宇宙での記録撮影用として機材を受注。

Don in the Middle East

Don In the Middle East

I am here right in the Wahabah Sands and Wahibah Sands of Middle East!

Season's Greetings from Don Schumann

Happy Holidays and Great New Year to You All

From Hotel Trotter / Don Schumann Photography

Famous Hot Springs in North Taiwan 12/12

Here I show all of you about the most popular hot Springs in North of Taiwan. Of course, some of them are hidden inside the fancy resorts/hotels.