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Where the Sidewalk Continues

Where the Sidewalk Continues… throughout Europe

The Empire Hotel and Country Club Brunei

The regal splendour of early majestic Royal courts, reminiscent of Brunei's Golden Age has re-emerged with the arrival of The 6-star Empire Hotel and Country Club

4/20/2009, Notice!

3/10/2009 (3/30/2009 Updated in Thailand)

After stayed at 3 super hotels (one villa styled right in the middle of rice field, one soft-opening newest urban chic hotel, and lastly, a luxury gay oriented boutique Resort) in ChiangMai, North Thailand.

A Bounty of Salad Dishes

Where do you begin when facing such colorful bounty of ingredient of side dishes?

Famous Hot Springs in North Taiwan 4/12

Here I show all of you about the most popular hot Springs in North of Taiwan. Of course, some of them are hidden inside the fancy resorts/hotels.