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D40xのメーカー在庫終了 End of Nikon D40x 庫存全出清



D40x は、3月に発売されたエントリー向けデジタル一眼レフカメラ。2006年12月に発売されたD40の姉妹機で、D40がAPS-Cサイズの有効610万画素CCDを搭載するのに対し、D40xはD80と同等の1,020万画素CCDと画像処理エンジンを搭載する。ペンタミラー式のファインダーを採用するほか、ボディ内のフォーカス駆動用モーターが省略されている。


Announcing the inventory stock end of Nikon D40x

Nikon announced on their product information website that the manufacturer and the inventory of digital single-lens reflex camera Nikon D40x ended. There is no especially announcement concerning D40 which does the body similarly.

(The second paragraph Nikon explains the difference between D40 and D40x.)

[post script on 28 Dec] The above announcement was not on the website anymore. The termination of stock holding of D40x is only for domestic market. Also it was confirmed that sales of D40 continues.

製造商宣佈Nikon D40x 庫存全已出清

Nikon 在他們的產品資訊網站上 宣佈數位單鏡反射照相機Nikon D40 已無存貨庫存並且停止製…

Nikon Updates 最新消息

12/28/2007 -- Nikon 宣佈了500mm F4 VR AF-S 和 600mm F4 VR AF-S 的出貨日期為1/30/2008。

12/24/2007 -- Nikon 因應熱銷,再度提升了Nikon D3 的生產量從原先九月份計劃的每個月8,000 台到10,000 台,Nikon D300 從九月份的每個月60,000 台追加到70,000 台。

VFX Breakdowns

Nowadays breathtaking Visual Effects it has given in loads of movies. Most of us are very curious to know that how these effects are designed and some of them don’t even bother to think how much effort was made in the making of these effects.

Mouthwatering Filipino Delicacies

Mouthwatering Filipino Delicacies

Sinigang na Hipon

Who's Coming For Dinner

Who's Coming For Dinner

Commercial shoot for a homeware chain company, 2005 Summer.


2005年 為大型居家連鎖公司所拍攝的夏季商品廣告照片

Styling by Lucy
Assistants by L, S. & C.
Location in BeiTou, Taipei
All Photos by me, Don Schumann
Lighting & Setup by Assistants L, S. & C.
Creation by Cynthia & me, Don Schumann