1988 to 2017

Sunset on the River Thames, England

I am where I am as a direct result of what I had done

My ruling planet, sober Saturn, is completing a long rotation through my chart that began back in 1988, the last time Saturn first entered my sign in mid-December. That was the exactly point I started off my multitasking freelance career while crazily accumulating my frequent flyer mileage. 

This 29-year cycle will end on this very December 19, 2017. 

This is without vagueness the time about closure, a time to make peace with the past, have cleared away toxic ties and energy-sucking auras, heal rifts and leave unfulfilling situations firmly in the rearview.

This is not only THE time to identify what I want to let go. Should I be able to welcome Saturn back home to a clean slate on December 19 when it enters Capricorn, and use this homecoming structured energy in phase with building a foundation that will define the next 29 years on. 

Get ready to move on and concentrate, to lace up a brand new pair of dancing shoes — my coming-out party on an expansive stage is on its way.

Cellphone self-portrait


If you wonder if I had totally dumped the passions of (still) photography, (printed) advertising, (copy) writings and performing arts? The answers is definitely a NO! As media, teaching and publishing/distribution are still in the spotlight. I just honor for, but surrender what has been, and bow out of an ending of a phrase — of my 29-year in the entertainment/advertising/journalism/publishing/tourism/fashion industry.

I should be by now brimming with creativity, inspiration and possibility, more than eager to connect with an innovated and rejuvenated wider swath of the visionary world with a wholesome lifestyle that leads to an authentic beauty in life of holistic development.

The Full Monty is.


“The greatest quest in life is to reach one’s potential.”
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