Immersing Bohol goes Germany 迷醉薄荷島 德國參展


Above picture is taken in Bohol Island, Philippines, photo by myself.
上圖是在菲律賓的薄荷島 自行拍攝的渡假休閒記錄照

"Hotel Trotter - The Island Traveler of Immersing Bohol" going to Germany for Frankfurt Book Fair and selling its publishing right in Europe Region.

“旅店浪人-島遊家 迷醉薄荷島” 前往德國參加法蘭克福國際書展 並販售歐洲地區的發行權

"Hotel-Huf - der Insel-Reisende des Untertauchens von Bohol" Gehen nach Deutschland für Frankfurt Buchmesse und Verkauf seines Verlags- Rechtes in der Europa-Region.

Hotel Trotter & The Island Traveler
Immersing Bohol

By 唐 Don Schumann

Introduction (translated by 唐 Don Schumann)

This book's author is an international photographer. He frequently travels for work way beyond average persons, that makes him a picky hotel guest in choosing the right ones. Roughly 100 hotel stays a year, among the busiest working years. Bohol Island in Philippines makes the author, Don, crave to linger, to slow down for a laid-back vacation.

Don covers the selective Resorts and Villas full of inside details with practical natural traveling tips including ecology and rare species as well. He also designs the island travel plans in this book. We invite you to join him to see the underwater world of fascinating diving heaven and immerse yourself in the rich eye-catching ecology vestige intoxicant island.

The author even flew back to Bohol again, in order to fetch the popping hot accommodation information for readers while raced to the eve of relentless deadline.

for Chinese Translation of this Post,

迷醉薄荷島 德國參展


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