50% off for Boracay Travel till October

9/8/2008 (Updated)

I am so tied up and so sorry not to bring you this best valued promotion, about Boracay, Philippines, travel a valid initiating from Taiwan, earlier.

1) 2nd accompanying person gets 50% off for signing up the 4-day Boracay group tour.
2) Free 1-day island hopping plus free BBQ lunch for 2 who joining the 4-day Boracay package tour.

Special offers through end of September October, 2008.

Here are the links on The Liberty Times. 9月前第2人半價!長灘島度假去 & 長灘島渡假正流行 10月報名第二人半價 English speakers, I apologize for it is a Traditional Chinese news site.

for Chinese Translation of this Post,

9月去長灘島 第2人半價


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