Tethering DSLR Wirelessly to iPad

A newly available software is called Shuttersnitch which allows you to enable to transfer images to the iPad and computer wirelessly.

最近上市的新軟體 Shuttersnitch 能夠讓您透過無線的方式傳輸圖像到 iPad 和電腦設備上

And the hardware powerful memory card fortified with the power of 802.11n wireless called Eye-fi cards are available in SD format only. Most SDHC compatible cameras will do. When shoot with a Nikon D3 which has 2 CF card slots via an SD to CF adapter.

並且 有一款超強的儲存記憶卡稱為 Eye-fi 內置 802.11n 無線通訊能力 僅有 SD 格式 大多數具備 SDHC 格式相容的相機可以使用 當使用有 2 個記憶卡片槽的 Nikon D3 拍攝時 也可以套上 SD to CF 的轉換器來傳輸

Class 6 read & write speeds for high performance shooting. The power of 802.11n wireless uploads from your camera to your computer & favorite sharing site. And that’s just the beginning.

Eye-Fi Pro X2: the most powerful memory card ever.


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