Say Goobye to Interchangeable-lens DSLR


World Expo 2010 is now taking place in Shanghai and Canon is there to showcase what they store for us in the near future.

2010年世界博覽會目前在上海發燒 其中 佳能在那裡陳列出他們即將為我們在近期推出的全新概念機種

Canon's Wonder Camera has a futuristic looks that was capable of snapping macro shots even it can zoom up to 500mm, imagine that for a single lens. According to Canon, this wonder shooter captures only video, since the clip's resolution is high enough for users to splice a single frame out as a still image. Being a wonder camera, it will have a proprietary technology for advance image stabilizer.

Canon Wonder Camera Concept displayed at World Expo 2010


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