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I understand that many of you are curious about how I made those tempting pictures spreading out onto these blog pages, or the commercial works you might have seen out there already. This particular "Don Schumann Photography Work Log" site is more of showcasing blog. Technically Know-How Q&A is not my goal of setting up this blog. However, you might want to post your feedbacks. I am not going to answer any of the techno talks only if I have something to say. Please just sit back, relax and enjoy the viewing feast I am presenting.

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我瞭解你們大家對於我貼在這些部落格站點裡頭那些吸引人的圖片感到好奇 或者 你也許已經在某處看過我的商業作品 這個 “Don Schumann 攝影工作日誌” 站點比較像是陳列展示的部落格 技術上的解答並不是我設立這個的部落格的初衷 然而 你也許想要張貼你的反應回饋 除了 當我針對某事有感而發的貼文 我將不會回答其中任一個技術性的提問 最後 請您放鬆並且享受我為您端上的視覺饗宴大餐


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