Philippine Tarsier

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Photo by Don

Tarsiers are nocturnal creatures, being active and looking for food during the night, and preying mainly on insects. They are tiny animals, measuring about four to six inches in height. Their small size makes them difficult to discover. During the day, tarsiers sleep in dark hollows close to the ground. Their natural habitat is the tropical rainforest with dense vegetation and trees.

Photo by Don

Tarsiers have round heads that can be rotated 180 degrees, with large membranous ears that appear to be almost constantly moving. They have uniquely large goggling eyes (disproportionate to their heads and body), listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest eyes on a mammal. They use their thin tail about twice their body length to balance themselves. They habitually cling vertically to trees and are capable of leaping from branch to branch. The thick and silky fur is colored gray to dark brown. Their hind limbs are elongated and have disklike pads on the fingertips that help them cling easily to trees.

Photo by Ruby


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