Interview Exclusive de Tetsurô Gotô

Image credit: Nikon USA

An interview of Mr Tetsurô Gotô, head of Nikon labs in Japan, by French website Focus Numérique.

the highlights with regards to Nikon's future products were:

High-end compact

New SWM focus engine

Rebirth of Nikonos
(cameras specifically designed for underwater photography)

Also, confirmed that Nikon designs their own sensors for their DSLRs and confirmed video is now a part of every new Nikon DSLR.

日本尼康實驗室的總負責人 後藤鐵郎先生 接受法國網站“數位焦點”採訪




Nikonos 再度復活

並且 證實尼康設計他們自己的單眼感光元件 和 錄影的功能將出現在每一台新的尼康單眼相機

Interview exclusive de Tetsurô Gotô


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