What's in My Bag

You guys must be very curious about what exactly stuff I put in my camera bag?

My basic on-site travel kits are,

1. Of course, one luggage suitcase for personal belonging.

2. One top notched camera Tripod.

3. A heavy fibers of the bullet proof fabric with high quality, made to strict US army troop standards for tear strength's Camera Backpack with,
a) 2 camera bodies,
b) 1 super wide angel professional grade lens,
c) 1 professional grade F2.8 big aperture tele zoom,
d) 2 camera-top flashes,
e) 1 powerful laptop computer,
f) at least 1 backup lens,
g) 1 portable hard disk,
h) a couple memory cards,
i) lots of batteries.

4. A whole set of (Hollywood standard) reflector.

Additional special and specific lenses and/or a complete set of 6X7 format cameras for special tasks.

5. For big budget production, 1 extra (Hollywood quality) Lighting Case for 2 studio flash heads, 2 light stands, softboxes, umbrellas, reflectors, voltage chargers, adapters and cables.

If have assistants travel with me, each assistant will equip exactly same as I do above. Every single one will have to carry an equal amount of stuff.

Photo credit unknown, but this is definitely not my backpack

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