Transition in the Air 形勢擋不住


Photo credit: Stephen Shankland

A speed bump revamping of CompactFlash memory technology should land in 16 to 22 months.

Up to now, the fastest CompactFlash today cards reach 45MB/sec, equivalent to 300x. Here it comes is called CFast uses an interface called Serial ATA with faster data-transfer speeds about 375MB/sec. A shocking speed rating of 2,500x. This new technology not only further increases the the camera burst capture rate, also makes it far less painful to transfer photos to your computer.

Unfortunately, CFast cards won't work in any slots of your cameras today. All major camera's manufacturers are reluctant to describe particular technology blueprints. However the transition is in the air! That said, you should be more cautious before buying a new top-end killer camera or a next top-notch 32G CF card in a year or two.

Don's Note on 4/12/2008: Sorry for taking so long to write, then (especially) to translate this breaking news (into Chinese) for all photogs around the world.


到 現在 時下最昂貴快速的CompactFlash卡片可到達45MB/sec 等於300x倍速 即將到來的新玩意叫做CFast 採用Serial ATA 界面 使資料傳輸更加快速 達到375MB/sec的境界 等於2,500x可怕的倍速規定值 這項新技術不僅加速照相機拍照存取速度 同時它可以免除你把相片傳送到電腦漫長等待的痛苦

不幸地 CFast記憶卡片無法在目前任何照相機的槽孔上運作 所有主要的照相機製造商不願意交代或描述這項特殊技術的發展藍圖 但是形勢擋不住的轉折業已浮出枱面! 那也就是說 在這一二年間 如果有打算購買一臺最新殺手級的頂級照相機 或是下張第一流的32G CF 記憶卡片之前您應該更謹慎了

Don 的筆記 2008/4/12:很抱歉 拖了那麼長的時間才動筆寫(英文)本文 尤其是翻譯這驚天動地的新聞成中文 (才是讓我最傷腦筋 花時間的部份) 給全世界的攝影愛好者


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