Top Fashion Models in Taiwan

Amanda Wang (王聖芬)

1997? Already have forgotten what year it was?

Received three Taiwan famous clothing designers' requests to travel from US to Taipei for a short period of time. Therefore linking up the clothing elements from the distinctions and meetings with three designers, to select make-up artists, to choose the hairstylists, to cast the models. All must be done at double speed at that time because still photography must be finished early in catch up with printing and the Taiwan Textile Federation seasonal big show. In this case, decided to do the most advanced make-up in sync with Paris' fashion world. Make up artist was so easy to choose. Because, there was only one first-class artist in town (at that time) had just received training from Paris. The artist also had been asked to bring back most advanced cosmetics from France. These top fashion models were so great as you can see from the 5 pictures showcasing here.

Xiang Xiang (潘黛倫)


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